Seven independent scholars living in six countries recently joined NCIS, and their diverse expertise includes pharmacology, psychoanalytic literary criticism and Early Modern European History.

Pintu Das has taught English at university level for more than a decade in India. In addition to his expertise in English and English literature, he is an expert in linguistics, phonetics and several European languages including Ancient Greek, Latin, German, French, etc. He teaches English Philology and Prosody as part of B.A. English Honors and M.A. courses. He has published Vibrant Voices from American Poetry, a reference book recommended for the Calcutta University Syllabus, and is writing a textbook on English Philology for several universities in India. He currently is an independent scholar focusing on research and writing.

A clinical pharmacologist, Immanuel Freedman also is a registered patent agent and systems, signals and algorithms consultant with more than 30 years experience of modeling, simulation, systems analysis, design, development and testing. Dr. Freedman has served as expert consultant providing technical analysis related to patent infringement, patent validity, and the research tax credit. He also integrated knowledge using pharmacometric models and quantitative systems pharmacology to design clinical trials by translating exposure-response relationships across diseases, phases and species. Dr. Freedman has published and presented at conferences in Babylonian mathematical astronomy.

Ellen Yutzy Glebe, Ellen Yutzy Glebe holds a B.A. from Guilford College in history and German studies and a Ph.D. in Early Modern European history from the University of California-Berkeley, where she focused on the history of religious dissidence in Germany during the late Middle Ages and Reformation. Since completing her doctorate in 2008, she has transitioned into a career as a freelance translator (German>English) and editor of academic texts. To learn more about her professional qualifications and the modern-day fairy tale (including a castle) that led her from her native North Carolina to her current home in central Germany, please visit

John Holland is an independent scholar and French-to-English translator working in the social sciences and humanities. His research focuses on Lacanian psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic literary criticism. An American living in France since 1994, Dr. Holland has taught courses in French and American universities and has pursued his research at a variety of psychoanalytic schools. His recent projects include editing the 2015 issue of S: Journal of the Circle of Lacanian Ideology Critique and upcoming projects include a presentation at the European Society of Jamesian Studies conference in October, 2016. Dr. Holland holds a Ph.D. in English from Princeton and a D.E.A. (Master’s level) in Psychoanalysis from Université Paris 8.

Freelance musician Valerie Langfield is a teacher, accompanist, composer, writer and editor. Her primary research interests are British music of the 19th century and early 20th century, especially opera and song. Dr. Langfield’s Ph.D. thesis/biography of the English song composer Roger Quilter established her as the authority on his life and work. Her editions of numerous British operas have been recorded or performed; and in addition to publishing numerous articles, she has contributed to leading music dictionaries and national biographies. She is a founding member and trustee of Retrospect Opera, which records British operas representative of their period, and is also a trustee of the Carl Rosa Trust, which promotes research into the leading British touring opera company of the late 19th and early-20th centuries. Current research projects include an edition of the diaries of the Cambridge musicologist Edward Dent, and one of Dent's letters to Jack Gordon, staff producer at Sadler's Wells Opera between the two World Wars; and the life and music of Dora Bright.

Joshua Matacotta earned his doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis in health psychology. He conducts research and program evaluation at the Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Los Angeles, and manages a team of senior and junior research analysts. He is also a member of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, the American Evaluation Association, and the American Psychological Association. His current research areas include: Behavioral health & health psychology; the impact of technology on health and social issues; public health/mental health and policy; chronic disease and quality of life; LGBT and gender issues; psychology of men and masculinity; data science, and replication science.

Masato Okamoto worked for Japanese statistical offices for 36 years, most recently as Director and Lecturer of the Statistical Research and Training Institute (2005–2015). Prior to that post, he was charge of compiling the family budget survey and the Consumer Price Index (1997–2002). He studied several statistical issues as the population-subgroup decomposition method of the Gini coefficient and analytic expression of the Gini coefficient for lognormal and double-Pareto-lognormal (dPLN) mixture distributions were published as articles in peer-reviewed journals. I will continue research activities after leaving office.

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