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Valerie Abrahamsen announces: Paranormal: A New Testament Scholar Looks at the Afterlife.

In Paranormal, I examine four types of evidence for the survival of the individual soul after death: scientific instruments and techniques, near-death experiences, reputable psychics and mediums, and out-of-body experiences. This evidence points to common Christian/Western themes, such as the reality of a heavenly realm where we reunite with loved ones, as well as to truths generally dismissed in the West – reincarnation, karma and pre-birth decisions. My research over the past three years has taken me in some fascinating directions – to universities that conduct paranormal research today, popular TV shows that feature paranormal investigation groups and uncannily accurate mediums, the world of EVPs, the extraordinary Life Readings of Edgar Cayce, the sublime visions of the Virgin Mary at Medjugorje, and the wondrous explorations of Robert Monroe outside his body. My investigation presents the side of William James that took the paranormal seriously and the astonishing postmortem insights of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Our pets are featured, too: the evidence is clear that animals have souls that also survive so-called “death.”

I hope you will consider reading Paranormal to see what I’ve discovered! The evidence shows that we can know what awaits us on the other side and that this knowledge can provide solace in grief and ethical guidance in our everyday lives.

Paranormalis available at$20.00: free shipping within the US; VT residents, add sales tax). It can also be purchased at Northshire Bookstore, 4869 Main Street, Manchester Center, VT 05255. 802.362.2200, 800.437.3700 (call for hours).

Thank you!

Valerie Abrahamsen, ThD

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