The National Coalition of Independent Scholars is pleased to offer the NCIS Research Grant to help finance our members' research projects. The grant will be $250, and based upon merit, will be awarded twice a year (three times a year beginning in 2019).

Please note that you need to have been a Full Member of NCIS in good standing for 18 months prior to the date of application. Associate members are not eligible for NCIS Research Grants.


  • Engagement in a substantial research project within a recognized field of scholarship, whose results are intended for publication.
  • Current full NCIS membership, and continuous membership for the 18 months prior to application.
  • Grantees are expected to remain members in good standing for at least one year following the award.
  • Applicants may not have received this award during the 18 months prior to submission.


  • Application Form
  • Statement (up to two pages) that describes your research project. Please address the“Judging Criteria” elements (below). Please also describe the tangible product this award would help generate (e.g., an essay, a book chapter, a video, etc.).
  • Statement (up to two pages) that describes your timeline for successful completion of the proposed project.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of expenses, and list of other sources of grant support, if any.


  • Scope of project (should be limited enough to ensure solid and timely progress)
  • Intellectual significance
  • Contribution to field
  • Scholarly methodology
  • Expertise/qualifications of applicant in relevant field
  • Potential for successful completion


  • October 1:  Fall Award
  • April 1: Spring Award


  • Awards will be announced and issued approximately on November 1 and May 1, respectively.


  • List “National Coalition of Independent Scholars” as your affiliation (or co-affiliation) in any resulting publications.
  • Acknowledge the grant support from NCIS in any resulting publication.
  • Submit a description of your project (with a photo if possible) to and so we can publish it. In accepting the grant, you agree that your report may appear on NCIS website and/or social media, in The Independent Scholar or in any other NCIS publication, digital or print.

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