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Dr. Anders received her PhD in Religion and Social Change from the University of Denver/Iliff School of Theology Joint PhD Program. She continues her scholarship as an independent historian headquartered in Colorado, USA. Her publications portfolio includes numerous book reviews in academic journals, chapters in edited collections, individual and organizational encyclopedia articles, and her forthcoming book for the general public exploring the spiritual life of 19th-century author/activist L. Maria Child (Swedenborg Foundation).  She founded and directs the woman-owned business, Writing the World, LLC (www.writingtheworld.com). She offers ghost writing, editing, research, grant writing, nonprofit consulting, and project management to individual, nonprofit, and for-profit clients. Her monthly blog has been going strong since 2013 with the theme, "Inspiration and Hope from History" (www.writingtheworld.com/blog). In 2016-17, Anders' publisher invited her to do a three-part blog series on Maria Child (http://www.swedenborg.com/tag/tisa-anders/). She loves the collegiality with so many fellow independent scholars through NCIS!

Current research areas: 

Spiritual biography of L. Maria Child (1802-1880), one of the most well-known authors and activists of 19th-century America; Betabelero (Mexican and Mexican-American Beet Field Workers) Oral History Project in Western Nebraska, interviewing former betabeleros; Western Nebraska sugar industry and the Betabeleros through the eyes of art, Sugarbeet Workers Mural by Carlos Hernandez Chavez; Junius Groves (1859-1925), African American farmer, entrepenuer, and businessmen from eastern Kansas

Recent scholarly activity: 

Monthly articles for my blog, "Writing the World with Inspiration and Hope from History," www.writingtheworld.com/blog; three-part series for Swedenborg Foundation on L. Maria Child and Swedenborg (2016-2018), https://swedenborg.com/tag/tisa-anders/; presentation, "Maria Child as Mentor," Western Association of Women Historians, Denver, CO, May 2016; oral histories with former betabeleros (Mexican-origin beet field workers) and the Western Nebraska sugar industry.

Recent publications: 

Chapters in Edited Collections
Chapter, Rosa Elia Cobos (co-author), "The Betabeleras of Western Nebraska: Gender, Labor, and the Beet Sugary Industry," in Sterling Evans, ed., Farming Across Borders: A Transnational History of the North American West (Texas A&M University Press, 2017).
Chapter, "Betabeleros and the Western Nebraska Sugar Industry: An Early 20th Century History," Latin Migrations to the U.S. Heartland: Reshaping Communities, Redrawing Boundaries, Linda Allegro and Andrew Grant Wood, eds. “American Working Class” series. Chicago: University of Illinois Press (May 2013).
Chapter, Rosa Cobos (co-author), “Empowerment of the Fields: Betabeleras and the Western Nebraska Sugar Industry,” Gender and Rural Migration: Realities, Conflict and Change, Glenda Tibe Bonifacio, ed. “Routledge Research in Gender and Society (Book 38)” series. New York: Routledge (October 2013).
Encyclopedia Entries
"William Lloyd Garrison," Mitchell K. Hall, ed., Opposition to War: An Encyclopedia of U.S. Peace and Antiwar Movements (ABC-CLIO, 2017).
Rosemarie Freeney Harding,” www.BlackPast.org (African American and Africa Diaspora History online reference center), 2014.
“Don Lemon,” www.BlackPast.org (African American and Africa Diaspora history online reference center), 2013.
Book Reviews
Review, Sweet Freedom’s Plains: African Americans on the Overland Trails, by Shirley Ann Wilson Moore, Agricultural History (2017).
Review, How We Are Changed by War: A Study of Letters and Diaries from Colonial Conflicts to Operation Iraqi Freedom, by Diane C. Gill, The International Journal on World Peace (2015). 
Review, Peace: A World History, by Antony Adolf (an independent scholar!), The International Journal on World Peace (March 2013).

Forthcoming research: 

L. Maria Child: One Woman’s Spiritual Journey in Nineteenth Century America. West Chester, PA: Swedenborg Foundation Publishers (under contract, 2018)--when possible, will be working on the final draft.
Two books reviews for International Journal on World Peace:
Healing through the Bones: Empowerment and the Process of Exhumations in the Context of Cyprus by Kristian T.P. Fics
Posthuman Dialogues in International Relations, Erika Cudworth et al, eds.

Other activities: 

Member, Communications Committee, NCIS.

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