Selection process

Candidates shall be selected by a Nominating Committee from a pool of NCIS Members created in one of the following ways:

  • proposed by members of the Nominating Committee
  • self-proposed
  • proposed by other NCIS Members

Members nominated - whether oneself or by another - shall be a member in good standing, which means the member's dues are paid and current.

When nominating another person, please make certain that the nominee is willing to run in the election and if elected serve for the two-year term, in this case for two years from November 2018-Oct 2020..

Required Submissions:

Ballot preparations require the following material from each nominee, submitted to

a) 200-word bio

b) a head-shot photo in jpeg format: 150 h x 125 w pixels, 72 dpi

c) a brief statement about why the nominee is interested in the position or what the nominee would like to achieve in the position


The following is for informational purposes only:


The NCIS Board prescribes the duties and functions of appointed officers and committee chairpersons, approves the establishment of committees and appointments thereto, prescribes membership criteria, sets the dues rate and benefits of members, sets the fee structure and benefits of Affiliated Groups, and oversees the routine and extraordinary business of the organization and the management of NCIS finances. The Board may delegate any of its duties and functions to the elected or appointed officers of the organization or to such other persons or organizations as it may deem appropriate.



The Board member's obligations are related to the work of the organization including but not limited to contributing time and effort to Board service and attending all meetings. Board members are asked, if their time permits, to undertake volunteer activity and fund raising.

The Board may meet monthly as determined by the President. While the President sets the agenda for the meetings, Board members may contribute items to the agenda by submitting them to the President at least one week in advance of the meeting. The Board shall meet at least once a year using the most appropriate and efficient means of communication including but not limited to Skype and streaming video.

Unless advance notice is provided of compelling reasons, failure by a Board member to attend two consecutive meetings, irrespective of the mode of communication or meeting, will result in the member being removed from the Board. The Secretary must produce the attendance record of the Board meetings from the Minutes and note the absences in question and any reasons provided. It is understood that critical personal and family health and other situations may interfere with the Board member's ability to attend Board meetings. If these conditions appear to persist, the Board member may need to rethink his/her ability to participate.



The term of an elected Board member shall be two years.

No Board member shall serve more than three consecutive terms. Any Regular member, having once served on the Board or as an Officer for one term only or for two or three consecutive terms, may, after a one-year absence, run again for election for the same or a different position as an Officer or Board member.



  • The elected Officers shall form the Executive Committee.
  • All elected Officers shall be elected by the Regular members and shall serve a term of two years.
  • No elected officer shall serve more than three consecutive terms.
  • A simple majority of Regular members voting is required to elect. According to Robert's Rules of Order a simple majority is defined as being more than one half of the votes cast including votes for ineligible candidates.



VICE PRESIDENT. Duties and Functions

  • The elected Vice President shall become the next President. Thus, no opposing candidate will be listed on the ballot. If for any reason the incumbent Vice President does not desire or is unable to serve as President, or if the office is vacant due to resignation, the Nominating Committee shall present at least two candidates for President in the next election.
  • The Vice President shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the President.
  • In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall perform the President’s duties and functions.
  • In the event of the resignation or incapacity of the President, the Vice President shall serve as President through the expiration of the term and then assume the presidency in the next term as according to the Bylaws. The expired term of the former president shall not count as a full term for the incoming president.
  • The Vice President shall have special responsibility as liaison with Affiliated Groups and for the organization of meetings and conferences.
  • The Vice President serves as the Conference Coordinator of all NCIS regional and national conferences. The VP can delegate the Conference Coordinator responsibility to another Board member who would then report to the VP who retains final supervisory responsibility.



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