Multi-talented New Members Fuse Old and New Fields

Chang-Ting Chen:  Dr. Chen is an accomplished chemical engineer specializing in biochemical production using microbial hosts.  He has developed extensive experience in protein engineering, genome editing, metabolic pathway design, and high- throughput robotic systems. He has produced five peer-reviewed publications. His contributions are important in the new arena of precision medicine.
Elizabeth Wolfson: Dr. Wolfson earned her Ph.D. in American Studies from Brown University just this year (May 2019).She is working on a book project that narrates a history of U.S.-Middle Eastern relations using the photographic archives of American education and research in the (post-) Ottoman Middle East.  She also co-directs a non-profit art and performance space called Flood Plain.
Benjamin Nelson: Dr. Nelson’s primary research is in the philosophy of law, and unwritten law. His doctorate is from the University of Waterloo He has earned a Masters degree in philosophy from York University (in Toronto In addition, he holds credentials in n cognitive science and teaching university level courses. He has won a departmental teaching award. His writing on unwritten law represents a new and relevant contribution to jurisprudence and perhaps to social-justice studies as well.

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