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November, 2020


Susan Lanzoni is an historian of psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience in the modern period. She is interested in finding connections between sceince and literature and psychology and the arts. She earned a Ph.D. at the History of Science Department at Havard University, and also received a Masters of Theological Studies at Harvard Divinity School.  She is presently writing a book, contracted with Yale University Press on the history of the concept of empathy from German aesthetics of the late nineteenth century, to American psychology and neuroscience.

Current research areas: 

History of Science; History of Aesthetics, Psychology and Psychiatry;  Science and Literature

Candidate Bio: 

I am an historian of science and medicine, and teach at the Harvard Summer School on a yearly contract. I regularly attend conferences, and have received numerous grants over the years, including a Fulbright Grant, and a National Science Foundation Scholar’s Grant. I have published scholarly articles in the journals Critical Inquiry, Configurations, History of Psychiatry, Canadian Journal of the History of Medicine, among others, and edited and contributed articles to a special issue on Emotion and the Sciences for the journal Science in Context. I am presently completing my book manuscript, entitled “The Art and Science of Empathy: A Cultural History” on the history of empathy from aesthetics to neuroscience over the course of the twentieth century, under contract with Yale University Press.

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