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Richard Howey recently retired from a 40-year career in information systems. In this career, he has seen many successes and, unfortunately, many failures in implementing and using information technology. As he neared retirement, he realized that he wanted to better understand the reasons for the failures he has witnessed so that he could potentially help others avoid those failures in the future. To that end, he pursued a doctorate degree in business administration to learn the research skills needed to develop that understanding. In October 2016, he completed and successfully defended his dissertation on how an internal market culture in a business enterprise can impact data withholding behavior inside that enterprise and, in turn, affect the success of IT initiatives that are intended to share data across organizational boundaries within that business enterprise. As is undoubtedly typical with research, the dissertation raised as many questions as it answered. He is now looking for opportunities to continue this line of research and hopefully answer some of the new questions.


Association for Computer Machinery - Special Interest Group on Management Information Systems

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