Rachel Gisewhite uses philosophical methodologies to study youth phenomenological experiences with and activism for the natural world. She is most passionate about the world’s oceans and how students interact with their local aquatic environments to stimulate intellectual engagement for a deeper understanding of science content as well as the power of their decisions and actions to promote an active citizenry. She most recently was a chemistry and environmental science high school teacher in Memphis, TN but has since relocated to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.

Recent publications: 

Reis, G., Mueller, M., Gisewhite, R.A., Siveres, L., & Oliveira, R. (anticipated 2017). Sociocultural perspectives on youth ethical consumerism: An introduction. In G. Reis, M. Mueller, R.A. Gisewhite, L. Siveres, & R. Oliveira (Eds.), Sociocultural Perspectives on Youth Ethical Consumerism. New York: Springer.
Luther, R.A. (2015). Synesthesia and the Phenomenological Experience—Implications for Ecological Mindfulness and Beginning Scholars in Science Education. Cultural Studies of Science Education, 10: 215-227. (0.508 impact factor)

Forthcoming research: 

Gisewhite, R.A. Phenomenology in Science Education: Developing Eroticism and Promoting Conservation of the Ocean-Other. (Editing)
Gisewhite, R.A., A whale of a time: Engaging in a war of values for youth activism in science education. (Writing paper)
Gisewhite, R.A., Britton, S., & Haverkos, K. Implications of ecojustice philosophy for the 21st century: Mindfulness as an alternative pathway to understanding. (Writing Paper)
Gisewhite, R.A., Jeanfreau, M. M., & Powell, R. An Interdisciplinary Model for Teacher-Parent Communication. (Writing Paper)

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