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P Das has been teaching English at university level for more than a decade and he is best known for his deep knowledge in the English language and literature. Other than his vast knowledge in the English Literature, he is also expert in linguistics, phonetics and several European languages including Ancient Greek, Latin, German, French etc. Expertise in linguistics, phonetics and knowledge in different European languages is crucial to teach English Philology and Prosody, the most intricate areas in BA English Honours and MA courses. That is why P Das is the most trusted faculty in these fields in India. Besides, with the profound knowledge in the ancient Greek and Latin literature and the Biblical studies, he adeptly decodes the symbolic codes lying in the English literature. To his credit, he has published Vibrant Voices from American Poetry (ISBN: 978-81-88453-24-5), a reference book recommended for the Calcutta University Syllabus (BA English Honours, 3rd Year) published by Indian Books View and distributed by Book World. Presently he is writing an authentic textbook on English Philology meant for different Universities including the University of Calcutta.

Das has been a Faculty-member at GSCE where he taught English to the aspirants of IAS, WBCS, NET & SET popularly known as College Service Commission and SSC, i.e. School Service Commission. He has also taught the same subject as a Guest Faculty at Behala College and Asutosh College Training Centre. At present he has left all the positions so that he can unreservedly devote himself to writing books for academic and research purposes. However, now he devotes some time as a mentor to teach the New Vistasians (= the students of New Vistas []) English at the BA Honours and MA level.

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