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Nicholas Diak is a popculture scholar with interests in Italian genre films, exploitation cinema, post-industrial and neofolk music, comic books, and the influence of H. P. Lovecraft on popular culture. He is one of the members of the H. P.  Lovecast Podcast which airs once a month. 
He holds a masters from the University of Washington. He lives in southern California, attends many comic book and gaming conventions, collects pinup girl art, loves tiki culture plays video games and experiments with different recipes in the kitchen. 

Current research areas: 

Peplum/Neo-Peplum films and television, H. P.  Lovecraft, post-industrial and synthwave music. 

Recent scholarly activity: 

Currently finishing an essay on Stranger Things and synthwave music for an upcoming anthology. Recording monthly episodes of the H. P. Lovecast Podcast. Contributing articles to Fanbase Press.

Co-created and co-chairing the Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference. The CFP is open for the 2018 conference:

Recent publications: 

The New Peplum: Essays on Sword and Sandal Films and Television Programs since the 1990s. Ed. Nicholas Diak. McFarland, 2017. 


"Meteor Madness: Lovecraftian Horror and Consumerism in the Battle for Smalltown USA" in Horror in Space: Critical Essays on a Film Subgenre. Ed. Michele Brittany. McFarland, 2017. 


"Permission to Kill: Exploring Italy's 1960s Eurospy Phenomenon, Impact and Legacy" in James Bond and Popular Culture: Essays on the Influence of the Fictional Superspy. Ed. Michele Brittany. McFarland, 2014.  


Review of Trobadours of the Apocalypse


Review of Drawn and Dangerous: Italian Comics of the 1970s and 1980s.

Forthcoming research: 

Researching Lovecraft and Rene Girard for a possible project. 

Other activities: 

Writing articles for
Memeber of the H. P. Lovecast Podcast

Organization Title: 

Academic Member


Horror Writers Association

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