I worked in the Japanese statistical office for conducting the family budget survey and compiling the consumer price index. During my official career, I personally studied several statistical issues suhc as measurement of consumer prices and economic inequality. Although I was retired on reaching the age of 60 last year, I would like to continue my research activities.

Current research areas: 

Economic Inequality

Recent scholarly activity: 

Parametric income distribution models and their fitting methods to empirical data
Distributional regression methods

Recent publications: 

Articles in peer-reviewed journals:
Okamoto, M. (2015). International and Japanese trends on within-household income management – Quasi-panel and multinomial-logit analysis using the ISSP data, Research on Household Economics, 107, 54–63 (in Japanese). (The original title: Sekai to nihon no kakeikanri no jittai to doko – Kokusaishakaichosa data wo mochiita panel bunseki oyobi takou logit bunseki, Kakei Keizai Kenkyu, 107, 54–63.)
Okamoto, M. (2014). A flexible descriptive model for the size distribution of income, Economics Bulletin, 34, 1600 – 1610.
Okamoto, M. (2014). Interpolating the Lorenz curve: Methods to preserve shape and remain consistent with the concentration curves for components, Review of Income and Wealth, 60, 349–384.
Presentation at conferences of scholarly societies:
Sep. 2014              Application of the dual-parametrized double Pareto lognormal distribution to income distributions, 2014 Japanese Joint Statistical Meeting, Tokyo University in Tokyo. (in Japanese)

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