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October, 2017


Mary Zimmer has published and taught in her fields of 17th century British poetry and prose, medieval thought and literature, and early modern science.  She has held executive administrative positions at Rice University, where she received her PhD.  She received her BA from Brown University.

Current research areas: 

I am currently revising the chapters of my dissertation for publication. The first chapter, on John Donne's inversion of Christian-alchemical resurrection in "A nocturnal upon S. Lucie's Day," has already been published in a peer-reviewed journal. My revised second chapter, which deals with the Neoplatonic concept of soul found in Thomas Browne's The Garden of Cyrus, has just been accepted for publication in the January 2017 edition of Modern Language Review. Now I turn my attention to revising the third chapter, which examines Robert Boyle's essay, Some Physico-Theological Considerations about the Resurrection. I am specifically looking at the way Boyle's nominalist philosophy provides the conceptual underpinnings of the essay, and the "experimental" approach to resurrection expressed therein.   

Recent publications: 

"'In whom love wrought new Alchimie: The inversion of Christian-alchemical resurrection in John Donne's 'A nocturnal upon S. Lucie's day." Christianity and Literature. 51.4 (2002): 553-568.
"'Two Bodies with One Soul:' Catherine of Siena's Incarnational Model of Christian Mysticism."  Studia Mystica. 19 (1998): 21-35.
"Creating and Re-creating Worlds with Words: The Religion and the Magic of Language in The Lord of the Rings". Seven:  An Anglo-American Literary Review. 12 (1995): 65-78.  
Revised version published in J. R. R. Tolkien and the Invention of Myth.  Ed. Jane Chance. Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, May 2004. 85-100.  

Forthcoming research: 

'Seeking to Become All Things: The Neoplatonic Soul and the Next World in Sir Thomas Browne's The Garden of Cyrus.Modern Language Review. 112.1 (January): 36-55.

Areas of Research: 

Secondary Discipline: 

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