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November, 2018


PhD, University at Albany (2009). Trained in comparative politics. Working knowledge of international relations and Latin American history. Conducted independent research. High proficiency in daily news commentary and live delivery of instructor-led courses.

Current research areas: 

The state of Latin American democracy, analyzed from a political-philosophy standpoint

Recent scholarly activity: 

A comparison of Venezuelan and Brazilian participatory institutions on the basis of the concept of deliberation

Forthcoming research: 

An analysis of the deliberative mechanisms of Brazilian participatory budgeting.

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A graduate of the University at Albany's doctoral program in political science, Luis joined NCIS in 2015. He has 5-years' experience teaching introductory courses in Latin American politics as adjunct faculty and participated as presenter or discussant in venues such as the Latin American Studies Association and the Midwest Political Science Association. He is also a staff columnist for a Latino newspaper in Columbus, Ohio and a contributor in Latin American affairs to a Spanish online newspaper. In 2013, he created his own blog, "South [of] America," where he talks about current Latin American political developments. During the upcoming fall semester, Luis will serve as adjunct lecturer with the State University of New York at Oneonta, where he will teach an introductory course to comparative politics and international relations and an advanced course in US foreign policy.

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