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Luca Nanni (Italy) received the Master's degree in Chemistry from University of Ferrara in 1992 and held a Ph.D. in Electrochemistry in 1998. He carried out research in the field of the based-oxides electrodic materials, collaborating with international research groups and publishing in international journals. Currently he works as a manager in an Italian pharmaceutical company but he continues to carry out research, as independent scholar, in the field of the theoretical physics. He is a regular member of the American Physics Society since 2014 and member of Institute of Physics since 2017.

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Foundations of Quantum Physics: hystorical and philosophical aspects of the early quantum mechanics.
Particle Physics: matter, antimatter and tachyons.
Educational: physics essays on the foundamental theories of quantum mechanics.

Recent scholarly activity: 

The Majorana equation for particles with arbitrary spin: a road towards superluminal matter.

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