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I am a US historian whose work to this point has focused on the history of sexualized racial violence and sexual trauma from the Reconstruction through the mid-20th century. I received both my PhD and JD degrees from Yale, but, due to various unanticipated circumstances--including my own ambivalence--was unable to pursue the traditional route from doctorate to tenure-track job. When I recently sought to reenter the academy, I was disappointed, though not shocked, to find would-be employers generally unforgiving, the degrees I worked so hard to earn evidently marked by expiration dates of which I was unaware. In recent years I've been teaching as an adjunct at Berkeley and Stanford, which I enjoy, but on its own find unfulfilling. What I'd like to do is find a way to combine part-time, ideally occasional, teaching with full-time (or nearly so) independent research and writing.

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