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I have a master's degree in history and a bachelor's degree in communications. My area of graduate study was modern European history, with an emphasis on the nineteenth century.
I work full time as a copyeditor and do freelance writing on a variety of historical topics. I have more than a hundred encyclopedia articles published and am currently pursuing two book projects.

Current research areas: 

Victorian detectives
Nineteenth-century British journalism
Nineteenth-century British detective and crime fiction

Recent publications: 

Biography and historical/cultural context entries on Ray Bradbury, for Salem's Ray Bradbury: Critical Insights (2017)
Entry on Carl Sagan for Salem's Critical Survey of American Literature (2017)
A dozen entries in ABC-Clio's The Sea in World History (2017)
Eight entries in ABC-Clio's American Myth, Legend, and Folklore (2017)

Forthcoming research: 

Nineteen entries in ABC-Clio's Technical Innovation in American History (2018)
Thirteen entries in ABC-Clio's British Empire (2018)

Primary Discipline: 

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