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Jeffrey Nyeboer has completed his undergraduate studies in Computer Science and his M.Sc. in Software Engineering, both from the University of Oxford and is a research collaborator on projects related to technology and society as well as the ethics of technology. His main interest is in understanding the complex relationship between humans and tools (technology) and attempts to model the inputs of bias, heuristics in decision-making, and ethics into the innovation process. Can we more easily predict adverse events and social impacts of innovation and re-think design?

Jeffrey is primarily employed as an independent technology consultant in the private and non-profit sectors as a Business/Enterprise Architect specializing in Document and Records Management, Secure Data Management, Enterprise Risk Management, and Information Technology Strategy.

Jeffrey is also working on a privately funded research initiative investigating Artificial Intelligence logic errors based on human bias and logic flaws. The project also is investigating the implications of ethics and moral philosophy on AI logic. He is currently writing a book describing how human logic and bias lead to fatal flaws in technology and the potential impacts on artificial intelligence.

Current research areas: 

From 2014 to current: Collaborating with Dr. Gregor Wolbring at the University of Calgary on subjects related to policy and governance of new technologies and their potential impacts on various aspects of society (Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Program (CRDS)) and undergraduate students in the medical and biological sciences to evaluate the impact of technology on society.

From 2015 to 2017: Collaborating with Dr. Stacey A. Page at the University of Calgary on research related to Ethics processes for human health as well as the philosophy of ethics as it relates to technology initiatives.

Recent publications: 

Page, S. A., & Nyeboer, J. (2017). Improving the process of research ethics review. Research Integrity and Peer Review, 2(1), 14. DOI 10.1186/s41073-017-0038-7

Nyeboer, J. (2014). Early-stage requirements engineering to aid the development of a business process improvement strategy. Oxford: Kellogg College,University of Oxford. DOI10.13140/RG.2.2.21235.53285

Forthcoming research: 

From 2017 to current:  Working on 2 research papers related to  1. Ethics and Autonomous Vehicles, and 2. Responsible Innovation of Technology and Disabled Persons.

Due end of 2018: Book "The Unaccountable Species": An examination of human evolution of biases and how this has and continues to define adverse events in the development of technology.

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