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I have spent 8 years as a PhD student teaching at UCSD and now teach int he San Diego Community College system. I love teaching and interacting with students and consider it to be a great privilege. I hope to find a job which allows me to devote myself to teaching as well as research.

My own research has focused on the use of sport and physical culture to create Catalan identity among diverse classes and migrant croups during the Spanish Second Republic. My interest is in the creation of a nationalism that is inclusive, rather than exclusive and that is based upon a shared desire for a better future, not a shared idea of a historical bloodline. My dissertation “Breakaway Nations: the use of sport and physical culture to create a cross class Catalan identity during the Second Republic” focuses on the policies of the Catalan Republican Left and their attempts to bring non Catalan speaking economic migrants into the Catalan nation using popular sport and foster a shared experience regardless of class or circumstance. In my dissertation I look at the government efforts to promote cross class, mass participation sport and the support of civil society for the same project. I then go on to examine youth groups in the Second Republic, the role of sport in empowering republican women and the use of cycle races to define and united a diverse community.
I have also written, in my dissertation and in an article under review, about the 1936 Popular Olympics. My own work has been the first to argue that the games were not part of the Workers’ Sport Movement but rather a “popular” games which were hosted in the spirit of international anti fascism. In my future I would very much like to expand my research into writing about sport and its role in integrating refugees and opposing oppression. I am currently undertaking research for a book project on the participation of British and US athletes in the 1936 popular Olympics and would hope to publish this soon.

As an ex professional athlete, someone who has lived and travelled around the world, and the founder and executive director of a 501c3 nonprofit that works with people in the Native American community, I feel a strong commitment to diversity. I would hope to bring my unique perspective on academia to the classroom and encourage my students to share theirs.

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