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Born in 1953 in Buffalo New York. I have a number of graduate degrees in Literature, Library Science, Theology, and a doctorate Marriage and Family Studies. I have published over 250 articles and reviews and a number of essays have appeared in anthologies. As I approach "retirement" in the next few years, I intend to begin significant research on a number of topics in politics and theology; and some specific authors like C S Lewis, John Newton, John Bunyan, Pascal, and Chesterton. My wife and I have 7 living children, and currently 7 grandchildren.

Current research areas: 

C S Lewis, Inklings, Aesop, Pascal, Bunyan, John Newton, Chesterton, Conservatism, Prolife

Recent scholarly activity: 

I am currently working on a Conservative Reader, with quotations, and commentaries.
I am also working on a theological reader on John Bunyan, designed popular devotion

Recent publications: 

In 2016 I finished my doctorate in marrage and family studies concentrating on grief.
I led a one man all day Conference on Grief in May 2016.
I am now working on writing an researching over the next three years on specific authors like C S Lewis and general topics related to traditiona literary conservaism.


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