I hold a Ph.D. in Information Science from the University of North Texas, Denton, USA and a masters’ degree in Mass Communications from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota, USA. I specialize in New media, information behavior, and information theory and design. I have a wide range of research interests which include information seeking behavior, social informatics, research methodology in information science, usability/user experience in information systems, new media technology in organizations, scholarly/scientific communications, and information technology standards, development and application. I am interested in research on the impact of information technology to the changing face of information and communication in society, and the application of new technology for teaching and learning.

I am a Catholic priest presently serving in parish apostolate in the Catholic Diocese of Dallas, Texas. I am originally from Nigeria. My research centers on the intersection of information and religion. I am interested in how new media technologies can enhance the design, processing, dissemination and retrieval of religious information. I am also interested in research concerning the use of cyber technology to build communicative and interactive relationship among members of diverse faith communities. I have conducted research on the information-seeking behavior of religious professionals, the online social networking of faith communities and the use of new media and mobile technology for learning and for the communication of information.

Current research areas: 

My research areas include information seeking behavior, social informatics, usability/user experience, new media and social media 

Recent scholarly activity: 

I have been involved in research on the information seeking behavior of religious professionals/clergy, the online social networking of faith communities and the application of new media technology for ministry and evangelization. I'm also carying out research on the use of mobile technology for teaching and learning in Africa and user expeience/usability studies for the development of localized user-friendly websites.

Secondary Discipline: 

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