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I am a legal historian and a scholar of international law. I focus on the role of religion in Israeli history and use legal documents to learn about the changes in religious society vis-a-vis the secular establishment. My work on international law deals with laws of war in light of the changes in contemporary warfare. 


I have been teaching in Israel and the U.S in legal studies and history departments.I taught courses such as topics in international public law, legal theory, Jewish law and survey of Jewish History and introduction to Middle Eastern History. 


I am first and foremost a teacher, I enjoy teaching and find that I learn from my students much more than I learnt from my teachers.


My latest research projects deal with religious Zionism and post 1967 development. I am interested in the connection between religion, politics and education. In International law I am working on a project that suggests a model for armed humanitarian intervention.


Specialties: Public International law, legal History, Jewish law, legal philosophy

Current research areas: 

Hisory of education, gnder and Judaism, Laws of War 

Recent scholarly activity: 

I have two articles under review at the moment, the first deals with a new theory of refugee law based on the philosophy of Jacques Derrida and great novels. The second is an article about the post secondary educational institutions for women in the settlement movement. 

Recent publications: 

Women’s Torah Study: Orthodox Religious Education and Modernity (New York: Routledge 2014) 

“The Construction of an Ideological Curriculum: The Study of Emuna in the Har Hamor Yeshiva,” Journal of Israeli History. Vol. 35:1 (2016), 75-92.
“Women's Torah Study in the Writings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe” in Chabad and the 20th Century, Yitzchak Krauss and Moshe Chalamish (eds.) (forthcoming).
“A new world Order: Humanitarian Intervention from Kosovo to Libya and perhaps Syria?” Syracuse Law Review vol. 65 (2015) 304-342 [With Harry Borowski].
 “Women’s Testimony in Jewish Law,” Hebrew Union College Annual vol. 82-83 (2011-2012) 119-159.
“International law and National Movement – The Case of Rabbi Shlomo Goren” Journal of law and Religion vol. 29 (2014) 301-316 [With Aviad Holander]
“The Yeshiva as a political institute” Modern Judaism 33 (2013) 357-380
“Weak States and Terrorist Organizations: A Proposed Model of Intervention,”
Minnesota Journal of International Law 21 (2012) 177-215 [With Harry Borowski]
 “Hair Covering for Single Women: A New Reading of Mizrahi Halakhic Rulings,” Nashim vol. 23 (2012) pp. 35-59 [English adaptation of a Hebrew article published in 2007].
 “Religion in Israel” in Israel Studies: An Anthology, Mitchell Bard, David Nachmias (eds.) 2010. This is an e-textbook used to teach about Israel at American universities. The textbook is a project of the AICE (American-Israel Corporation Enterprise).
“In Her Own Voice: Rabbi Shimon Rosenberg and Cultural Feminism,” Iyunim Bitkumat Israel: Gender In Israel (Margalit Shilo, Gideon Katz eds., 2010) pp. 771-789 [Hebrew]. This journal publishes an annual book with articles dedicated to a specific topic. My article appeared in this book format.
“Sephardic Halacha? The Attitude of Sephardic Decisors to Women’s Torah Study: A Test Case,” Jewish Law Association Studies Journal 20 (2010), pp. 43-74.
“Women's Torah Study in the Italian Medieval and Early Modern Period,” Masechet 8 (2008), pp.29-50 [Hebrew].
 “Single Women's Hair covering in the Opinions of the Sefardic Decisors,” in To Be A Jewish Woman, vol. 4, Tova Cohen (ed.), Jerusalem 2007, pp. 93-118 [Hebrew].

Book Review of Cohen Yitzchak, The 'Or Sameah' -- Halakha and Jewish Law: R. Meir Simcha Hakohen's Writings on Maimonides' Code Jewish Law Annual vol. 21 227-234.
Book Review of Schwarzwald (Rodrigue), Ora. Seder Nashim: A 16th Century Prayer Book for Women in Ladino, Saloniki, (Sidur para mujeresen ladino, salónica, siglo XVI) Women in Judaism 10:2 (2013).
Book Review of Yoav Gelber, Nation and History: Israeli Historiography between  Zionism and Post-Zionism. H-Judaic, H-Net Reviews. January, 2012.
Book Review on Tamar El-Or’s Next Year I Will Know More: Literacy and Identity  among Young Women in Israel, Women in Judaism 7:1 (2010).
Book Review on Reina Reiner-Rutlinger’s The Audacity of Holiness: Women’s Theater  in Israel, Women in Judaism 6:2 (2010)

Forthcoming research: 

I am currently working on two projects, this first is an introduction to the jurisprudence of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, one of the most famous rabbinical figures in the 20th century, and the second is a research on the emergence of spiritual socialism in Orthodoxy 

Other activities: 

I am a member of the American Association of Jewish Study, The American Association for Israel Studies, The Jewish Law Association. 

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