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I have been working as an independent scholar since 2002, as my discipline (film studies) is very new to my country. My researches focus both on the cinemas of my own country (Thailand) and Asia. All researches in other countries have been supported by international corporates or government agencies such as Asian Culture Council or Japan Foundation while those in my own country is based on myself. I was approached by a Thai professor to take part in for a longterm national project on arts criticism in 2011, in which I was appointed as a project leader twice and have still been active as a research member to date.

Today, I am working both for the ongoing projects and spend my own money for the rest. I am single and live with my family so I can contribute to the Thai society with low income.

Current research areas: 

My regular research teamwork is now submitting a new project entitled "Common Awareness in the Evolution of Thai Art and Criticism: Significant Milestones after 1932" for consideration. And we hope to start it in October this year. The project is expected to last for three years. 

I will be also studying long distance for my PhD with my previous University of Southampton, where I obtained my master. I have been awarded a partial scholarship to endorse the high international fee. The project title will be "Border Crossings and the Cinemas of Thai US-Educated Arthouse Directors". 

Recent scholarly activity: 

We have just finalized our research project "Networking of Arts Criticism : Research and Development," in which we tried to study and find out the characteristics of networks in arts criticism in Thailand, and the impact of Thai culture and traits on the construction of these networks. 

I am also try to theorize all of the researches that I have done over the years, which will be mixed and argued by employing both the Thai, Asian, and world streams of thoughts. 

Recent publications: 

1. “Royalty Shapes Early Thai Film Culture” In Early Cinema in Asia. Nick Deocampo (ed). Indiana University Press, 2017.

2. “The Culture of New Cinema in Southeast Asia.” Beijing Film Academy Journal 132, no. 6, 2016. 


Forthcoming research: 

as indicated above

Other activities: 

I also provide several free Young Critic Training courses for Thai people, both inside the capital and the up-country. Apart from this, I also help many public cultural center to provide monthly talks on cinema, as the locals are now very active and want knowledge on cinema but the formal education can not provide.

Anchalee Chaiworaporn started her career as a film journalist, critic and scholar since 1994, contributing for both local and foreign publicaitons. Her works have been published in South Korea, Spain, France, England, Japan, etc. including Cashier du Cinema, and Asian Cinema Journal. She won Thailand’s 2000 best film critic and 2002 best feature writer. During the 2000s decade, she has been a consultant to Udine, Cannes Critic Week and Venice. Since 2002, she has received several grants to travel and research on Asian cinema in Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Since 2010, she has moved to academic ground, leading the national research project on criticism in arts, literature, theatre, music and cinema in Thailand, as well as being funded for the research on Asian cinema in the west. Since 2011, she has been more active on academic circle as well as gives free education to young people on criticism and cinema. 

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