My undergraduate work was pursued at Mount Holyoke College, MA, and St. Andrew's University, Scotland. My doctoral degree in Interdisciplinary Archaeologial Studies was awarded by the University of Minnesota in December, 2013;  I also received an M.A. in Ancient Studies and Museum Studies from the U of M.  I am a Past President of the Minnesota Society of the Archaeological Institute of America, and I have served as a lecture series director and newsletter editor.
I currently live in Yorktown, VA.

Current research areas: 

My current research explores the influence of experiential learning in the development of English material culture in the 18th century.  I am focusing on archaeological collecting activities, as well as the replication and representation of ancient forms in English architecture, art, and landscape design.   I am also interested in the role that women played in the neoclassic movement in England.

Recent scholarly activity: 

I recently presented a paper, “Experiential Neoclassicism and the Adam 'Revolution' in English Architecture,” at an international conference in Croatia: Diocletian's Palace in the Works of Adam, Clérisseau and Cassas (November 27-29, 2014, Institute of Art History – Center Cvito Fiskovid, Split, Croatia.

Recent publications: 

Experiential Aspects of English Neoclassicism: Implications for the History of Classical Archaeology. UMI Dissertation Publishing, March, 2014.
“Experiential Neoclassicism and the Adam “Revolution” in English Architecture.”  In: Proceedings of the International Conference, Diocletian’s Palace in the Works of Adam, Clérisseau, and Cassas. November 27-29, 2014, Split, Croatia. Florenz: Kunsthistorisches Institute.  In Press.

Secondary Discipline: 

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