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.Ran a Social Science Research Unit.fpor nearly 40 years doing social reseach for governments, business .amd not for profit organisations as well as generating my own research on particular issues some of which signifciantly change lives in Australia.  I am still available as a Consultant on social issues, questionnaire design and social history.

Current research areas: 

I am researching the History of one local community for the local Museum.

Recent scholarly activity: 

Presented a paper at the Sociological Association's national conference on the dangers of dominant theories, in academia and politics.

Recent publications: 

Data records of the Coffs Harbour Fire Brigade 1912 - 1965  (See above)
Reaching Safe Harbour.  (See above)
Writing a paper on "The Triumph of the of the Dominant Theory

Forthcoming research: 

Publication on an additional way of securing documentary data using the records of one Fire Brigade's log books. 2015
Publication on the development of marine rescue on the Australian East Coast. 2013

Other activities: 

Writing a history of Sandy Beach, a local village.

Candidate Bio: 

British Army Director of ITIM Research, a Social Science Organisation, for 40 years. Executive members of several social science organisations.

Organization Title: 

Member, Member and Continuing Education Officer


American Sociological Association, The Australian Sociological Association

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Secondary Discipline: 

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