Affiliate groups are regional and international groups of independent scholars supported by NCIS. Affiliate groups meet regularly for members to share their scholarly work and discuss issues independent scholars face. To join an affiliate group, contact the group directly. To contact the NCIS Member Affiliates committee, email

Regional Affiliates

Center for Independent Study
Gwenith Heuss-Severance, President
PO 203193 Yale Station
New Haven, CT O6520-3193

With 30-40 members, CIS was organized in 1977 as one of the first in a national movement to provide a forum for individuals of diverse academic and intellectual pursuits. In addition to scholars with traditional disciplinary interests, membership is open to artists, writers, photographers, editors, and translators. Members share their work in study groups based on particular interests, work-in-progress talks, informal conversations, and public lectures and readings.

The Institute for Historical Study
P.O. Box 5743
Berkeley, California  94705

The Institute for Historical Study was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1979 and was chartered by the State of California as a non-profit, public benefit corporation in 1980.  In 1989, members of the Institute helped establish the National Coalition of Independent Scholars.  The Institute for Historical Study is an active, independent community of scholarly researchers, writers, and creative artists. The group's common bond is a devotion to history in its many forms. Through wide-ranging programs and activities, members share research, ideas, and practical advice and provide a public forum for the discussion of history. Most members live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the Institute's meetings and events are held.


Minnesota Independent Scholars’ Forum
Mike Woolsey, President
P.O. Box 80235, Lake Street Station
Minneapolis, MN 55408-8235

MISF was founded in 1983 to support research, writing and publication by independent scholars; to foster scholarly discussion; and to educate the public about the role and values of independent scholars and their work. Currently there are 50 members, mostly in the Twin Cities. Membership is open to any dues paying individual who endorses the purposes of MISF. Public programs include works-in-progress meetings, at which members receive feedback on their scholarly work, and more formal public meetings, sometimes co-sponsored with other organizations. A variety of study groups have come and gone as members’ needs and interests change.


Northwest Independent Scholars Association
Margaret DeLacy, President
7356 S.E. 30th Ave
Portland, OR 97202-8837

Founded in 1983, NISA is registered as a tax-exempt organization in Oregon. Members are working scholars whose interests cover a wide range of topics including music, art, women’s history, local history, European and Asian history, photography, history of science and medicine, philosophy and mathematics. There is a rule that a new member must present his or her work to the group within about a year of joining. In addition to bimonthly presentations of members’ work in progress, NISA also schedules general interest meetings. NISA has 20 members.


Princeton Research Forum
Priscilla Keswani, President
301 N. Harrison St, #222
Princeton, NJ 08540


The PRF, with 80 members, is a community of independent scholars and other  professionals in the greater Princeton area. Founded in 1980, PRF offers collegiality and opportunities for intellectual exchange, as well as a forum for the presentation of members’ work and work-in-progress. A significant part of PRF’s activities is in study and discussion groups such as: history, translation, poetry, biography, science and science history, and editing. PRF also sponsors public conferences, lectures, and workshops.


San Diego Independent Scholars
Sam Gusman, President
Diana Keeran Withee, Treasurer

SDIS was founded in 1982. The interests of its members range broadly across the arts, humanities, and sciences. General meetings with invited speakers are held the third Saturday of the month on the UC San Diego campus. SDIS members also meet in study groups, each of which sets its own schedule. Study groups currently include Culture, Film, Literature, Science, Colloquy Café (a word-concept group), and Works-In-Progress.SDIS offers members opportunities to learn from and with each other through active participation in its general meetings and study groups. Reasoned discourse in collegial SDIS group settings is a hallmark of SDIS. Membership is open to those who find this attractive and would like to participate. Members engaged in independent scholarly work can apply to the SDIS Helen Hawkins Memorial Research Fund for financial assistance on their individual projects.

International Affiliates

Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars
 Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars
Simon Fraser University Interdisciplinary Programs
2300 - 515 W Hastings St
Vancouver BC V6B 5K3

The CAIS was founded by the members of the Academy of Independent Scholars, Vancouver. In December 2006 CAIS announced the launch of its scholarly journal The International Journal of Independent Scholars - Le Journal International des Chercheurs Indépendants.